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Securian AM COVID-19 updates

A 140-year long term perspective

As the investment arm of the 8th largest US life insurance company*, we have the ability and resources to focus on the long-term and execute consistently for our clients.  Our mindset is long-term, due to the type of liabilities we help our parent manage and also from Securian Financial's 140-year history. The firm is based in St. Paul, Minnesota with roots going back to 1880.

Securian Asset Management was built with a risk management focus because we invest our AA-rated** parent’s General Account capital in all our products. 

With over $49 billion in AUM, we’re small enough to be nimble and large enough to have all the resources to consistently meet our clients’ needs.  Each of our investment strategies exploits niche market opportunities within our risk management framework, delivering a differentiated solution designed to meet our clients’ needs for the long-term. 

Reliably Improving the Risk/Return Ratio: Equity Stabilization

Institutional investors face a balancing act between two equally important needs: achieving robust long-term returns while avoiding the painful consequences of near-term drawdowns. The intense market volatility of the past few months highlights the difficulty in maintaining this balance. Securian Asset Management has developed a sophisticated risk management approach which is suitable for all institutional investors that invest in risky asset classes but require stable returns. Learn more about our Equity Stabilization Strategies here.

Creating value for our clients

An exceptional client experience also takes open communication and superior service. Our research, portfolio management and client service teams all work together to effectively deliver personalized service with the goal of exceeding client expectations.

We encourage interaction between clients and our investment professionals, fostering direct contact between clients and the people managing their assets.

* A.M. Best’s Statistical Study, U.S. Total Life, July 22, 2019. Based on 2018 total life insurance in force for Minnesota Life Insurance Group.

** Securian Financial’s insurance company affiliates, Minnesota Life Insurance Company and Securian Life Insurance Company, a New York authorized insurer, receive high ratings from independent rating agencies that analyze the financial soundness and claims-paying ability of insurance companies.. Please see for information.  Securian Financial is the marketing name for Securian Financial Group, Inc. and its affiliates.


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An exceptional experience

Focusing on client objectives and establishing direct, open communication are key to delivering an exceptional client experience.

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Clients benefit from our experience and expertise in a range of asset classes, including fixed income, private credit, real estate securities, specialty equity investments, alternatives and more.

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Investment perspectives

Rock tower balance

Fixed Income is no longer a reliable counterbalance to equities

Combining volatility-based stabilization of the equity portfolio with private approaches to part of the debt portfolio can be a win-win combination for many institutional investors.

Apartment buildings outside mult family living

An under-appreciated private debt opportunity: Commercial Mortgage Loans

There is a strong case for replacing a portion of an existing investment grade corporate bond allocation with a CML allocation.

Air bag light

Reliably improving the risk/return ratio

A permanent allocation to volatility-based risk mitigation is a strategic necessity for institutional investors

Economy & markets

Covid19 vaccine market

The Economy and the Markets Fourth Quarter 2020

While markets seem fully priced and even overvalued by normal standards, the stage is set for good economic growth in the coming year. We believe now is a good time maintain investment discipline.

Election pin

The Economy and the Markets Third Quarter 2020

Despite the unwelcome return of volatility which saw the S&P 500 decline almost 10% from its early September peak, markets ended up for the quarter.

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