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Using Real Estate to Diversify Portfolios

Our portfolio managers focus on finding opportunities in public REITs and in real-estate-related securities. We mainly invest in U.S. companies, although we also explore foreign markets. By using comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis, we seek out real estate investments with excellent relative value.

Real Estate Securities

For institutional investors

REIT investments across multiple industry sectors can add diversification to traditional bond and stock portfolios.

Real Estate Securities strategy fact sheet(pdf)

The Real Estate Securities team

Matt Richmond portrait

Matt Richmond

Vice President & Portfolio Manager

Lowell Bolken portrait

Lowell Bolken, CFA

Vice President  & Portfolio Manager

Josh Klaetsch portrait

Josh Klaetsch, CFA

Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager


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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Diversifying an investment portfolio is important, and REITs provide an option to investors seeking portfolio diversification.

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