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Securian Financial

Fundamental research and risk management

Collaborating to find opportunity and manage risk

We rely on fundamental research and a risk management approach that is embedded in our culture and process.  We use a detailed process, teamwork and open communication to find strong relative value. 

Our seasoned professionals deeply understand their sectors of expertise and are experienced across market cycles. We look at asset classes from every angle to seek value for our clients.

Fixed income research: Better decisions through collaboration

Analysts equally emphasize quantitative and qualitative analysis. We share market intelligence, seeking a variety of viewpoints to develop the investment thesis. We manage fixed income investments by:

  • Building portfolios from the bottom up
  • Developing a clear thesis detailing expectations and assessments for the investment
  • Using financial data to arrive at a nuanced understanding of a potential investment
  • Continually monitoring and evaluating performance

Equity research: Focused on finding relative value

Equity portfolio managers are involved in research to the point that they are considered to be members of the research team. We identify value in equity investments by:

  • Considering a company’s economic strength, management, and how it will be affected by demographic factors and demand trends.
  • Analyzing individual securities in detail.
  • Conducting onsite visits to evaluate a company’s strategies, policies and leadership.
  • Comparing the company’s valuation to its underlying assets.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy Statement

Securian Asset Management’s (Securian AM) disciplined, fundamental research process integrates appropriate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors alongside traditional financial metrics.  View the ESG Policy.

Managing risk

We’ve embedded risk management in every step of our process, starting with the belief that we can never know too much about a security we are considering. We strive to maximize risk-adjusted returns by:

  • Identifying hidden risks
  • Determining whether the level of risk is appropriate to the price
  • Evaluating whether investment matches the client’s risk tolerance
  • Measuring the cumulative risk level of a client’s portfolio.
  • Actively managing to maximize returns for the portfolio’s level of risk 

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