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Real Asset Income

Finding value in diversified real asset strategies

The Securian AM Real Asset Income strategy seeks to deliver an attractive long-term total return relative to inflation by investing in a diversified portfolio of real asset classes and sectors.

Real Asset Income

For institutional investors

Securian AM Real Asset Income seeks to deliver a high income, multi-asset strategy, while reducing volatility of individual sectors and protecting real asset values.

Potential key benefits

Inflation & interest rate protection

Real assets provide possible inflation protection and diversification to other asset classes. 

Low volatility

Asset allocation and diversification may drive lower volatility than S&P 500.™ 

Enhanced income

Diversified sources of income can produce higher current yield than traditional equity benchmarks such as the S&P 500™.

Strategy highlights

Asset allocation 

  • Common and preferred stocks 
  • Master Limited Partnerships 
  • TIPS and corporate bonds
  • REITs
  • Utilities 
  • Oil and gas 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Other high-yielding components of the broader equity market

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The Real Asset Income team

Joseph Betlej, bio photo

Joseph Betlej, CFA

Vice President & Portfolio Manager

Lowell Bolken, bio photo

Lowell Bolken, CFA

Vice President & Portfolio Manager

Craig Stapleton, bio photo

Craig Stapleton, CFA, FRM

Chief Investment Officer, Investment Strategies & Quantitative Research

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