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COVID-19 – market updates and insights

Remaining focused on the long term

We are monitoring the current capital market turbulence closely while maintaining our long-term focus and strong risk management approach. We expect volatility to remain elevated given uncertainty about how to estimate the impact of COVID-19, questions about the effectiveness of policy responses, and moderating economic growth coming into this year.

Securian Financial, our parent, is strongly positioned and has the capital to withstand volatility in the U.S. financial and investment markets, which is one of the reasons it is among the most highly rated insurers in the nation.  We manage high quality investments that support the guarantees provided by our parent’s insurance products.

We maintain a business continuity program that is designed to support critical operations during times of uncertainty. We are monitoring the coronavirus situation very closely and engaging our business leaders to proactively assess our readiness for a variety of potential outcomes.

Weekly market volatility updates

Securian AM Market Volatility update June 19, 2020  (article with video)

We anticipate downward technical pressure in the closing days of Q2 2020 as systematic rebalancing sells equity to once again bring portfolios back to target

Securian AM Market Volatility update May 11, 2020  (article with video)

Our view is that equity valuations have to catch down to the economy, and not that the economy will quickly rebound and justify current equity valuations

Insights and updates from the Securian Asset Management investment teams

Investment Grade Private Credit COVID-19 Update  (article with video)

While our private placement portfolio is not immune to the current events, we take comfort in the Team’s disciplined approach to underwriting credit, focused on resilient business models, strong asset coverage and solid liquidity.

Commercial Mortgage Loans COVID-19 Update  (article with video)

The good news is that the Securian AM Commercial Mortgage Loan (CML) Team entered 2020 with an excellent portfolio of commercial mortgages.

Fixed Income COVID-19 update  (article with video)

The risks faced by the market in its record eleventh year of expansion were numerous even if they were difficult to identify and quantify. The surprise was the eye-popping pace at which the market, fueled by the impact of the coronavirus, has revalued risk.

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