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Securian Asset Management aims to inspire employees and clients with reimagined space

On the heels of its rebrand with Securian Financial last year, Securian Asset Management Inc., has transformed its physical space too – reflecting its commitment to creating a “great place to work” for its team and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

“Every week we have clients, prospects, investment consultants and other business partners visiting our office,” said David Kuplic, CFA, president and chief investment officer of Securian Asset Management. “The new space provides a strong first impression of our firm and our outstanding associates.”

Securian Asset Management’s updated offices are still located in St. Paul at 401 Robert St. N, on the 9th floor. But the dramatic facelift has resulted in expanded access to daylight, a new trading desk area and other technology updates – investments symbolic of its dedication to remaining in downtown and advancing every client’s business strategies. 

“We designed this space to convey several important attributes,” said Julio Fesser, second vice president, Facilities Services. “We want to communicate sophistication to our clients while providing efficient individual and collaborative work spaces for Securian Asset Management teams that align with similar recent improvements across our downtown campus.”

The new conference rooms are equipped with modern collaborative technologies to drive exceptional client experiences and ensure acoustical privacy. They also feature a selection of paintings on loan from Securian Financial’s art collection.

“We really wanted a ‘Wow!’ moment for the new lobby, where Securian Asset Management’s clients have positive first impressions,” added Fesser. “To greet and draw visitors to the new space, we created a series of functional, connected spaces that appeal to the senses. A variety of wall, floor and ceiling textures, furnishings and lighting combine to support highly functional, comfortable and memorable experiences.”

About Securian Asset Management

Securian Asset Management is an institutional asset manager specializing in public and private fixed income, managed volatility, real estate securities and other income-oriented equity strategies. Its investment approach is founded on thorough fundamental research insights derived from collaboration among investment specialists across diverse strategies, with risk management embedded throughout the process. Securian Asset Management is a subsidiary of Securian Financial Group, Inc.